jQAssistant’s documentation is currently in an transition phase from the well-known user manual to a new structure with a separate user guide, which comes along a reference for jQAssistant.
Both, the user guide and the reference for jQAssistant, are work in progress.

jQAssistant User Guide

The user guide will guide you through the features provided by jQAssistant with a clear on focus on the practial use of jQAssistant. If you are looking for a detailed reference on all usage and configuration options, then you should have a look at the jQAssistant reference.

jQAssistant Reference

The reference provides detailed information on all possible configuration options and features of jQAssistant and its plugins.

User Manual

The user manual provides a comprehensive overview on jQAssistant up to version 1.8.0. New content for later versions will be added to the user guide and the jQAssistant reference.